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Author: ---Doc--- Newsdate 25. 02. 2014
Star Citizen introduction
Yes, we are old ;)
Who remembers wing commander? More than 20 years ago it started. Perhaps you remember that days, with x286 and x386 pc, turbo button to increase from 20 Mhz to 33 Mhz e.g. config.sys and 640k problems. These were pioneer days.
And they will come back.
Chris Roberts started two years ago a crowdfunding for Star Citizen. Stretch goal was 2,000,000 $ Could that be a success? It will. In the official funding period more than 6,000,000 $ were founded. And now, 1.5 years later founders pledged 39,000,000 $
But, whatever I will say, best are videos.

So here is a fan made video about the top 10 reason to be excited: